Saturday, July 2, 2011

Weekly inspiration: GIRLS Of SUMMER

Georgia May Jagger by Alasdiar McMellan


Alex Sanders by Richard Bernardin for GRAZIA June 2011graziabardot

Emma Stone for VANITY FAIR August 2011emma-vanityfair

Emma Watson for HARPERS BAZAAR UK August 2011


Myf Shepherd by Thiemo Sander for ELLE SpainMyfShepherd

Sara von Schrenk by Markus Zeigler for ELLE Mexico July 2011SaraSummer

Erin Wasson by Fred Meylan for ELLE France June 2011erinwassonsummer

Kerri Lee Miller by Emre Guven for ALL Magazine July 2011KerryLeeSummer

Flavia de Oliveira by Juan Aldabaldetrecu for ELLE Spain July 2011Ellespain

Constance Jablonski by Jenny Gage and Tom Betterton for MUSE Summer 2011jablonskyMuse

Gisele Bundchen for VOGUE Brazil July 2011giselebrazil

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Some brand new summer necessities

This would be a second post dedicated to my recent trip to Cyprus. But I guess it only makes sense – as any faithful fashion and lifestyle blogger I couldn’t come back from a trip to a cool place like that carrying only impressions and photographs to share. I got some new goodies as well and, coincidentally, they all happen to be pretty basic summer necessities, and, I must add, all are good bargains! 

1. Bracelets


What ManRepeller likes to call with a charming word “arm party” is now fully on around my wrist! Bracelets are not all new – some of you may notice pieces from previous posts here – but three of them are, coming from an Indian Shop full of ethnic-themed goodies in Nicosia’s old town.

2. French Vogue


A proper Summer issue, as it covers both June and July. I have actually considered the other two latest Vogues (July issues) – namely British and American, but really, they were just way too thin and mostly filled with photographs that I’ve already seen online, therefore it didn’t seem like a good investment. In general I like the more provocative, somewhat arty and alternative approach of the Vogue Paris plus I can use it as reading material to improve my French – hence, added educational value! But there is an extra incentive to buy this issue – it’s totally dedicated to Greece. Vogue sure is romanticizing the Greek experience quite a lot – it’s mostly “movie Greece” that the magazine is describing, still if it manages to attract some extra tourists to Greece – way to go! Plus there are also quite realistic articles, such as those profiling a number of fashionably successful young Greek nationals. 

3. Sunnies


To be honest, these are not exactly my dream sunnies, but they were the best I could get when I desperately needed a pair. The story is simply this: my cheap sunglasses, which shape and color nonetheless was perfect for me, broke – a tiny screw went loose, and a part simply came off. I decided it was a sign for me to get that perfect pair of Ray Ban Wayfarers that I craved so much. But even though I found a store that sold them at a nice discount (!), there was nothing at all for me there. All the Wayfarer pairs that looked great from the first glance turned out to be strangely bent to the front in the glasses part – an absolutely unflattering design for my face. It was way too hot and I was too exhausted to walk all over town looking for new sunnies, so I ended up grabbing this very cheap pair at Stradivarius. After all I couldn’t stand all that sun without any sunglasses and I had still two more days in Cyprus and planning to go to the seaside the next day! So these little pair was my savior, and while I’m still on the lookout for my perfect sunnies, those will not be left and forgotten – after all they are undeniably cute. 

4. The Dress


What’s funny is that I actually came to Cyprus planning to buy a jumpsuit! I had an eye on the red, retro-styled one from Topshop (which they have in Cyprus unlike Greece), but as all other things I’ve spotted on Topshop website, it was completely absent from its two stores I visited in Nicosia. And then I came upon this dress at Zara – I actually posted in once on the blog, and have searched all Zaras in Athens for it, but it was nowhere to be found! And here I went into Zara shop in Nicosia, not really expecting to find anything I haven’t seen before, and there it was! It’s light, inexpensive and original – the outfit post starring it to follow sometime soon!

5. Rum


Now, I don’t want to sound like some sorta alcoholic, but really, a nice refreshing summer cocktail to unwind in the end of the day – it must be allowed (or at least I hope so). Indeed, a Mojito or a Margarita would be even better, but Cuba Libre is so much easier to make! That’s why we got just the thing for it at the Cyprus Duty Free – sugarcane Havana Club. Makes great drinks, I tell ya. Cheers!

Monday, June 27, 2011

A Cyprus tale


As you may have noticed I was completely absent from the blog for the whole last week. But I have a good explanation and excuse for that – I was away in Cyprus, and since there was no free WiFi in my hotel room and getting any kind of internet on the premises was a real nuisance (I had to get a cable from the reception every time and plug it in at the bar), I limited my use of internet to checking emails. But now, that I’m finally back in my crib in Athens I can give you a report on my Cyprus adventure. Overall I had a great time: shopping and sightseeing during day – which was made easy by the central location on our hotel, going for a swim in the pool and a workout in the hotel gym in the late afternoon, and going out with friends for dinner and drinks every night. Moreover, we even managed to get away to Cyprus seaside in the end of our stay – thanks to a cordial invitation of my man’s temporary Cyprus boss. I would even say that this trip turned out to be the best unplanned vacation I’ve ever had…

Nicosia visions


This was taken in the beautiful park in the center of Nicosia – the capital of Cyprus where I spent 5 days of my stay. The park runs along the ancient Venetian wall that was once built for the city fortification.


I loved this small arch (you may spot a white cat lying next to it on the left) and this ancient looking fountain.


A part of the ancient wall – many centuries later it still stands strong…the wall

In general Cyprus impresses with its feel of a resort town, which, nonetheless, lives an active life all year long. British influence is seen in many things and clearly works to Cyprus’ benefit. Nicosia is quite small yet it’s a major commercial center, full of various businesses, banks, shops – from the most luxurious to mid-range and restaurants for any taste – the selection here is much wider than in the much bigger Athens. Clearly Cypriots, unlike Greeks, like variety when it comes to food – just as much as I do. Also, despite the fact that most local residents own cars, traffic is quite mild and spacious parking lots can be found anywhere. palmwall

On the other sideme-turkey

Some of you may not know this, but Nicosia is a divided capital, split between the Greek Cypriot side and Turkish Republic of Nothern Cyprus – a state, recognized only by Turkey. Naturally the only tourists visiting this side come in from Cyprus – all you need is show a passport to go through “the looking glass.” abcient


In reality there is not much to be found there – apart from a couple of decent looking squares and mosques, the rest is made up of living areas which pretty much a duplicate Cypriot Nicosia’s old town, however the buildings on the Turkish side look much more worn and semi-destroyed in some cases. In general the Turkish part gives a strong feeling of stagnation and desolation.turkey1

Here I’m taking a little rest in front of an ancient city gate. Please forgive the imperfect photos – I was mostly sightseeing on my own, so all pictures of myself are taken by me and I was too exhausted from the heat (it was up to 40 degrees that day!) to do many



Cyprus seasideagianapa

Finally my last 24 hours in Cyprus were spent on the seaside – we stayed in Protaras, a proper resort town which pretty much dies out during the colder months, but is currently buzzing with tourists and Cypriots, who rent or own houses in town. The snapshot above is from another resort town – Agiya Napa, which is also a major port and the party capital of the island. beach

This here is a typical sight of Cyprus beach with clean sand, clear blue water and hotels popping up all along the way. blackpearl

This ship is quite literally the Black Pearl – that’s exactly what it says on the side of it anyway. Basically it’s a cruise ship which I spotted the night before anchored at Agiya Napa, and the next day watched it sail with a bunch of tourists on board.

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