Friday, May 6, 2011


I have never felt comfortable wearing things on my head - at least not since I became seriously self-conscious about my look. I felt that no hats looked good on me, plus they always messed up my hair. Same went for all sorts of scarves and since I have been wearing a fringe since 14, hair bands seemed to not sit right either. But I'm stubborn, ready to experiment and since I kind of adore this latest head scarf trend I'm willing to give it a chance. I'm not exactly a vintage fan, but I love the retro appeal of the scarf worn as a band - I'd combine it with a cropped tee, a lingerie-style top or my denim shirt.

Katy Perry


Amy Winehouse

Cher Lloyd

Olivia Wilde hot for Glamour

I was surprised and pleased to see OLIVIA WILDE return to "HOUSE M.D." as I was catching up on the show a few days ago - she brought "sexy" as well as edge and her special wit back into the drama and immediately made it more fun to watch. And today I saw Olivia looking super hot and playful in this Navy-style photo shoot for Glamour - I simply had to post it! After all she's one of my favorite Hollywood ladies of today - original, exotic and just plain cool.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Jennifer Lawrence for ASOS

It seems like already way too many posts for one day, but when I see something that inspires me - I just cannot pass by! In this case I'm talking about ASOS June lookbook starringJENNIFER LAWRENCE. I really admired her acting in "Winter's Bone" and she was at the top of my best-dressed list at the Oscars! So while we await her newest film projects, which includes a part in "X-Men: First Class," we can enjoy her latest photo shoot for ASOS by Benny Horne. Here she appears as a your regular but absolutely adorable all-American girl-next-door wearing Converse, shorts, tees and incredible starry jeans...

Cats gone viral: "Tiger Face" by Baddies and "United" by Pete and The Pirates

Just stumbled upon "TIGER FACE" by BADDIES - both a visually grasping video and a very catchy & groovy song: "Put on your tiger face, come on!"

Also, one of my most favorite songs of late, "UNITED" by PETE AND THE PIRATES, just got a video ... and it's full of CATS! I agree there are way too many LOL cats videos nowadays - but come on, the video is still super cute - any cat lover would agree! Meow...

Color & stripes explosion from Mango

Just yesterday I posted the looks from MANGO summer collection modelled by Scarlett Johansson, but I just couldn't resist those latest pics from another Mango summer lookbook called "COLOR & STRIPES" starring model Eniko Mihalik. I never get tired of stripes, and I they seem especially hot this summer varying from classic white-n-navy-blue to the most striking color combinations. Moreover, as Mango shoes us - stripes work great for smart color blocking!

May rains in Athens...

This quick creation was inspired by a heavy downpour that hit Athens late morning today. Spring rains are tricky - they often come unannounced and get you soaked before you know what's going on and then, just as suddenly, the sun is back on - as if nothing had happened. So, specially for such weather, I'd get armed with a hooded rain jacket, classic wellies and an umbrella - and once the rain is over - the floral dress is there to take in the sun.

Art-Athina 2011

Greece's biggest visual arts event, ART-ATHINA 2011 - International Contemporary Art Fair of Athens - is coming up on May 12-15 at Faliro Pavilion, the former Olympic Games venue. The event will take place for the 17th time already and while I've never visited one before (after all I moved to Athens only last summer), I'm excited to see what it has to offer. Those who can't be physically present at the event can instead visit its online platform at More info on the art fair to be found at

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Scarlett Johansson brings summer to Mango

As we can plainly see, SCARJO is still with MANGO, now bringing us yet another set of gorgeous looks showcasing the key pieces from the brand's SUMMER collection. This time Scarlett spots an unbearably sexy look with radically androgynous hairstyle, "modest" pastels, crochet and minis, looking like a breath of fresh air on a hot summer day. So, if despite many designers' "advice" you don't feel like the blazing colors, bright stripes and voluminous fruity prints this summer, keep it airy and simple - just make sure it compliments your figure and focus on gorgeous hair and make-up!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Alexa Chung covers Vogue UK's June issue

Seeing ALEXA CHUNG on the June cover of VOGUE UK today (first spotted on Twitter) quite brightened up my day. I find her one of the coolest fashionistas out there - a smart model who also made a name for herself in television and journalism, and managed to capture the world with her outward intelligent style at the same time. So I raise my glass to Alexa, and looking forward to viewing her latest Vogue photo shoot in full - once I get my hands on this summery-looking issue.

Monday, May 2, 2011

LATEST CRAVINGS: Jewellery by Rachel Roy and Uno de 50

Just recently I discovered the gorgeous jewellery lines of these two brands: one, American - RACHEL ROY and another, Spanish - UNO DE 50. When it comes to jewellery I prefer bold, bulky, original, statement pieces, and all the items pictured below fully satisfy those demands, moreover - they're all quite affordable. Rachel Roy's rings and earrings are wild and animalistic, while Uno de 50 offers ultra-modern, cool, almost rock'n'roll aesthetic.

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