Thursday, May 5, 2011

May rains in Athens...

This quick creation was inspired by a heavy downpour that hit Athens late morning today. Spring rains are tricky - they often come unannounced and get you soaked before you know what's going on and then, just as suddenly, the sun is back on - as if nothing had happened. So, specially for such weather, I'd get armed with a hooded rain jacket, classic wellies and an umbrella - and once the rain is over - the floral dress is there to take in the sun.


  1. Love it, i wish i could have all of them right now, it is rainy here today too!

  2. Great post! Love the yellow wellies, so cute!

    Love C x

  3. You are lucky that it rains! I love the rain. Unfortunately here in Southern California that never happens. Actually this week, the weather has been 95°F! Crazy because it is only May and I am already dying with the heat. Great choices!



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