Friday, April 29, 2011

My top ten famous redheads

When red hair was officially declared the new hot trend this year I couldn't be happier! After all, red is my own favourite hair color, and while I've been dying it chestnut brown over the last half a year or so, time has come to go back to truly bright ginger red!
In the meantime, I, following the example of various online fashion mags that have been lately posting lots of celebrity redhead lists, decided to make my own top ten! Note, that I picked not the gals who dyed their hair just to follow the trend, but natural redheads, or at least those who look their best in red and wear it most of the time.

It's almost surprising that such a beauty has been hidden from our eyes for so long - she was already 32 when a sharp-eyed casting director picked her for the leading part in "Mad Men" and turned her into a star almost overnight. A naturally buxom, curvy lady which stands out among the standard starved-looking celebrities is something Hollywood needed all along.

I believe her to be the pride of the modern redhead tribe. So gorgeous at 50!? I realize there probably is some plastic surgery involved but she still looks absolutely natural - something not many celebrities are able to pull off at her age.

I loved her in "Superbad," "Zombieland," "Easy A" and can't wait to see her newest projects. She's beautiful, talented, badass and natural ginger. I believe it's a winning combination!

I didn't think much of Evan Rachel when I first laid eyes on her - there was nothing much striking about her appearance. Then I saw her in "Wrestler" and "Whatever Works" - she did well both in drama and comedy. And then she appeared in "True Blood" playing vampire queen (the photo is a screenshot from her first episode in the show) - I was conquered!

In fact I mostly know Lauren by her role in the somewhat morbid TV-drama "Six Feet Under." But after watching five seasons of the show back to back, including its totally buzzkill finale, I came to quite admire this redhead beauty and talented actress.

That's another "True Blood" hottie for you - what can I do, they have several in there! The part of the innocent virgin-turned-vampiress was clearly the breakout for Deborah and she already has several big new projects coming up - let's she what else she's capable of...

Top popular model and designer muse, Coco switches between black and red from time to time, but, needless to say, I prefer the latter look. After all, if you look great in red - you will usually look duller in other colors. Any faithful redhead wood agree :)

I admire Florence's voice, her music and her hair. I don't always agree with her personal style, but no big deal - such hair color makes everything better!

It may seem a bit like "a blast from the past" but so what? I spent a part of my childhood watching "X-Files" like an addict - it was a part of my world. And even though Gillian's career doesn't seem to be going as well as she had hoped after the show ended, I will always remember Scully - the hot and tough FBI lady.

And, finally, a bit of classics. This screen icon has spent most of her life in the spotlight as a platinum blonde, continuously bleaching her ginger locks. It did help make her into a star, yet you can't escape your nature - even a little honey in her hair turns Marilyn into a blooming flower.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Zara TRF looks for April

I love ZARA TRF - in fact, most of the things from Zara that I own come from this line. Its clothes are just so youthful and quirky, always offering something to help refresh your wardrobe with one quick touch. Same goes for the outfits in this April 2011 lookbook - cool jeans, color blocking, crochet, stripes and printed shirts - all that defines youthful casual style this spring.

Kate Moss heats up French and Brazilian Vogue May 2011 issues

Just back from vacation to everyday blog schedule and viral fashion news and what do I see? KATE MOSS bares all for May issue VOGUE BRAZIL and dazzles with colors, elegance and stunning postures in VOGUE PARIS. I certainly praise the daring act of Brazilian Vogue editors, photography master MARIO TESTINO and, of course, Kate herself, who appears so bold and sensual at the same time. Can't wait to see the rest of the photo shoot. And of course Vogue Paris photos are just gorgeous with Kate modelling all of the spring/summer hottest trends with her usual ease and attitude. Looks like May is going to be HOT!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Samos Diary: Finale

So here is my last post in Samos Diary series. Honestly I was too tired and relaxed to take pictures on the last day, so I give you some of the photos from Easter Sunday. Apparently as usual on this day, the city streets were deserted - as all residents were having festive barbecues with families and friends, which usually involve roasting a whole goat and other meats. We also followed the example of the locals and spent the afternoon on the sunlit terrace of my man's childhood friend's house on the mountain with him and his family, and ... the goat. I will leave out the picture of the actual animal (too scary), and instead offer you some highlights of the party which include me, posing in the cap that actually belongs to the master of the house, an improvised karaoke performance and a cat which appeared from somewhere, surely drawn by the smell of meat. Even though I like most cats, what I adore about this one is that he looks so unlike all the sweet furry creatures we're used to seeing - he's a proper "jungle" hunter, a real Bandit!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Samos Diary: Days 6-7

The most interesting moments of my Friday and Saturday in Samos were the EASTER celebrations (Easter is as important here as Christmas or even more!). They started on Friday night with a number of crowded processions carrying so-called "epitafios" - the cloths depicting the body of Jesus placed in festively decorated constructions called Kouvouklion. On Saturday, just before midnight, locals gathered in front of Churches for Easter service which was accompanied by multiple petard explosions (!!!) - the tradition I find seriously strange.

Unfortunately all this curious events took place outdoors after sunset and my poor camera failed to capture the moment in good quality. So instead I give you a set of pictures that could be dubbed "Samos Days and Nights" since they capture our "routine" on a regular day on the island: first a mass gathering at the central cafe at the square, a very late breakfast/lunch with Greek meze (appetizers), Ouzo with ice and one of my local favorites - grilled octopus, and, finally, a night out at our favorite club - appropriately called ESCAPE. To set the mood I've also enclosed a song which, in a way, serves as club anthem.

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