Sunday, March 10, 2013

Get your Grunge on!

I have mixed feelings whenever a street-born rebellious style such as grunge is picked up by mainstream fashion. On the one hand it defeats the whole purpose, by handing a style that was born out of pure emotion, freedom, refusal  to play by the rules, in essence a middle finger shown to the whole consumerist society, over to that same society - the usual yuppies and fashion victims, who wear whatever designers and magazines, and now also bloggers, deem chic and trendy. And let`s be fair, all the popular bloggers and fashion journalists I`ve read easily change from stilettos into sneakers - as long as the god of fashion commands them so, and would only praise Kurt Cobain for his fashion contributions, while counting days till the next album of Lady Gaga. There are no big ideas and no commitments behind their fashion choices.

So why should they be allowed to parade around dressed as punks and rockers? Well, there is at least one reason - it allows the rest of us, rockers and grungers at heart to wear these same clothes without looking like crazed teenagers, homeless or somehow dangerous elements. We can blend in, yet remain ourselves, true to the spirit. So let those designer kids play, in the end we`ll have much more fun than them with those same outfits.

And to sum it up, let`s recall what grunge is all about! In a sense it`s a combination of elements that cannot be combined, of wearing the unwearable. It`s a bit rock-n-roll, bit hippy, bit teenage rebel and every bit whatever you feel like wearing at a given moment in time.

 Nevertheless it has some ultimate elements: checkered shirts and ripped jeans (and any other ripped garments for that matter), band tees and sweatshirts, chunky boots and army jackets, light floral dresses and frilly skirts, hats and boyfriend beanies. And of course a pair goggle shades and wild messy hairstyle will suit perfectly to complete just about any grunge ensemble. Just take it all and mix, shake it well, and see what happens... Set your teen spirit free (if you`ve still got it in you anyway)!

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