Saturday, April 9, 2011

California dreaming

For a short Saturday post I've put together this outfit combo as an homage to the current hot trend for classic American, and especially Californian look. American flag-printed item seems to be a must for spring/summer wardrobe, so I chose those shorts from TOPSHOP. I know this may appear a bit too kitschy, and real Californians may not approve, but that's just what I'm in the mood for today: sun, colors and comfort!

Friday, April 8, 2011


I'm not a florals girl in general, but when spring/summer arrives, I get seduced by a floral top or dress every now and then. This season I have my eyes on floral dresses in dark tones such as the ones below. All I need is to add a thin brown belt around my waist - and I've got a cool & casual summer look!

Gwen Stefani fronts Elle's music issue

Gwen haven't done much lately as a musician, yet she's has appeared on a number of magazine covers, so I hope she's getting ready to surprise us with some new material - either solo or as a part of No Doubt. In the meantime we can admire Gwen's stunning looks in the latest photo shoot for Elle's May issue, including the cover where she's pictured rocking an uber cool dress from Givency by Riccardo Tisci. Wouldn't we all love to look that gorgeous at 41?

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Decarnin out - what will become of Balmain?

I'm pretty sure this very question troubles all BALMAIN fans now that it was officially announced: CHRISTOPHE DECARNIN, Balmain's creative director for the past 5 years, has left the house. The successor haven't yet been appointed, but whoever he or she might be, all I care to know is how much is going to change?
BALMAIN has been among my fashion favorites these last few years. I loved brand's practical approach to chic, with its shimmering figure-hugging mini dresses, ripped jeans combined with gorgeous jackets, the punk-rock look with burned denim and studded leather offered for this spring and luxurious sweater-dresses from the latest, fall/winter collection. I loved Decarnin's Balmain for giving me a kind of high fashion that I could relate to with my own style. But what now? Which way would the new creative director want to go: keep the sexy rebel spirit or "grow up" and leave it behind? I sure hope it's the former. In the meantime here are some of my favorite Balmain looks of the last couple of years - the kind of looks that soon may become history...

Fall/Winter 2011/2012

Spring/Summer 2011

Fall/Winter 2010/2011

Spring/Summer 2010

Fall/Winter 2009/2010

Spring/Summer 2009

Just beautiful: "Iron" by Woodkid starring Agyness Deyn

One of the coolest models out there, Agyness Deyn, appears in this mesmerizingly beautiful video to an even more beautiful song - "Iron" by new French artist Woodkid. Directed by Yoann Lemoine.

Micky Green for Mango

MICKY GREEN, an Australian-born musician, living in Paris, became the newest celebrity ambassador for MANGO. Quite a stylish gal herself (as you can tell from her music video below) and former model, Micky does a great job of showing off Mango's latest line, which is all about minimalism and color-blocking.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Shorts' first day out

I got these shorts still in February at STRADIVARIUS - it was a great sales bargain, and I'm really a fan of shorts and I loved the pattern. It just so happened that they remained in the closet all this time! But the weather is great outside and just about time to take the shorts out for a walk.

Stylish Blogger Award

Angel from Fashionably Numb was kind enough to award me this Stylish Blogger Award, and stylish I am, so as the tradition goes, I will now proceed to list 8 things about myself as well as pass the award on to a few fellow bloggers.

1. I hardly ever leave the house without my iPod - such a music lover I am.
2. I always think of comfort and don't rush out just after any hot fashion item - just because it looks really cool.
3. I seriously intend to write a novel (completely unrelated to fashion).
4. I'm a fan of the very old movies and like to read about film history.
5. My favorite book is "Catcher in the Rye."
6. I consider boots universally coolest footwear.
7. I can't stand pretentious people.
8. I think "Jersey Shore" and all its characters are incredibly gross and I find its popularity in the US seriously disturbing.

And my Stylish Blogger Award goes to:

Monday, April 4, 2011

H&M against AIDS spring 2011 campaign

H&M launched a Fashion Against AIDS campaign for spring 2011, featuring celebrities like Selma Blair, Akon, Sky Ferreira, Ginnifer Goodwin, Scissor Sisters and others. 25 percent of sales of the quirky unisex collection are going towards HIV/AIDS prevention projects.

Selma Blair

Scissor Sisters

Ginnifer Goodwin

Keri Hilson

Sky Ferreira


The Misshapes

House M.D.'s musical turn

HOUSE M.D. used to be my favorite show. But by season 6 it has gotten so self-repetitive, sentimental and almost predictable, that I continued watching only as a habit and because Hugh Laurie's doc is such a pleasure to observe. Yet, episode 15, "Bombshells," of season 7 has just proved that the show still has ways to surprise me, even if does so by dipping into alternative genres such as sitcom, action, zombie horror and musical. This video is Lisa Cuddy's final dream sequence.

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