Saturday, March 26, 2011

Let the sunshine in

My first creation with Polyvore - the ultimate stylist's tool. This outfit is light, summery and is built around one of my favorite trends this spring - crochet.

H&M's Essentials for spring 2011

Put together specially for us by H&M head designer Ann-Sophie Johansson, this Essentials Spring 2011 lookbook presents all the key elements of the season's trend. I love how relaxed and casual the images are - even the pant-suit set appears quite informal. My own favourite, must-have pieces include: a shirt dress, denim shorts and jacket, a blazer, a long cardigan and the loose jersey. There is one item, however, that I can't accept, even though it's among the hottest spring trends - is the oxfords. Just way too masculine and formal for my taste.

Lady Gaga Google interview

I'm not a fan of LADY GAGA. I know that most fashion bloggers out there love her, sometimes even worship her and certainly consider her a top fashion icon. However I'm more inclined to see her as an ingenious show-biz project of a talented producer (or a whole gang of them), her every move carefully calculated to appeal to the broadest possible audience. However, I can not deny the fact that she's a big pop culture phenomenon and I was hoping this interview would shed some light on what Gaga is really like.

Well, my verdict is that she appears sweet and earnest, but I can't help suspecting that a great part of it is an act. And I did catch her being quite hypocritical on several occasions throughout the interview. For instance, she claimed her crazy outfits don't really matter to her fans, that they don't even notice them - so why do they try so hard to copy her style???

She also said she's great at dodging paparazzi and that she's first of all a musician, yet wearing tights and no pants to a baseball game (and that's just one of her many stunts) does seem like an attempt to get noticed and photographed whenever she's out in public. Such obvious obsession with staying in the spotlight at all times doesn't exactly befit someone who calls herself first of all a musician to her core...

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Festival babe

My new trendME "masterpiece - a rock fest outfit.

Sasha Pivovarova on Vogue Korea April Cover

I simply loved that picture on VOGUE Korea April 2011 cover. SASHA PIVOVAROVA may be a Russian blonde, yet this outfit, make-up and thoughtful stare create an image of a Korean gentleman from an old movie...

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Oasis looks for spring/summer 2011

OASIS - one of my favourite BRITISH brands - mixes timeless chic with latest trends. These images from its spring/summer 2011 lookbook appear a bit too "grownup" and ladylike for my taste, but I know for a fact - there are lots of playful casual items to be found on Oasis' shelves just as well. Such as a pair denim transformer shorts I got from them about 3 years ago - it seems like they've only gotten trendier overtime...

City captain

Just this morning I discovered Many of fashion bloggers out there probably know it and love it already, but for those who don't - it's a website allowing to create such wardrobe combos through an easy-to-use "dressing room editor." So here's my first "off the top of my head" trendme experiment. What I see as a fresh springy urban look - totally casual but not without a breeze of elegance too it...

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

New casual vintage bag

This is my latest find from YESTERDAY'S BREAD second hand store in Athens. It has a great many cool vintage items, among them - a whole pile of bags. I went through the latter a couple of times before I narrowed it down to four bags and, finally, to just one. It's in mint condition, genuine leather, the strap is adjustable, it's small - but no too small - in short, a perfect casual bag to carry all my basic necessities when doing shopping or taking walks around town. It also has no label on it anywhere, which is kind of cool - a bag of mysterious origins...

Monday, March 21, 2011

H&M presents "Conscious" collection

H&M just presented its brand new "Conscious" collection - all the outfits in it (for women, men and children) are made from sustainable materials (organic cotton, Tencel@ and recycled polyester). The whole collection is done in different shades of white - which, as all the fashionistas certainly know, is among the top colors to wear this spring. Ladies' fashions are 70s style-inspired, mixing lace, crochet and Broderie Anglaise, and modelled for your by Natasha Poly. Expected in stores from April 14.

You can learn even more about the collection from this presentation:

Guilty pleasure of the day: "Better Than Today" by Kylie Minogue

While I'm not generally a pop-music fan - at least not of its most mass-produced kind - every now and there comes a tune that sticks firmly in my mind. This time it's KYLIE's single "Better Than Today." And the only way to "unstuck" it from my brain is to listen to the song over and over - till I get bored with it. Besides she models some cool sexy outfits in the video and just look at those killer LOUBOUTINS!

Accessorize spring/summer 2011: favourite looks

In ACCESSORIZE spring/summer 2011 collection I first of all adore 50s-style swimsuits as well as the combination of a red bikini top and navy-stripes bottom - that's my choice for the beach this summer! Also I could use a new pair of sunglasses, a bunch of colourful hippy bracelets and
those "leaf" earrings (2nd picture) just have to be mine!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

My Sunday soundtrack: "Weekend" by Smith Westerns

Just discovered this via Alexa Chung's tweet: she was right - it IS a good song. Perfect weekend soundtrack.

J'adore "Aloha" - brand new nail polish from DIOR

It was love at first sight. I want this polish on my nails asap! But will have to wait till mid-May - that's when this summery vibrant color is going to his the stores.

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