Saturday, March 26, 2011

Lady Gaga Google interview

I'm not a fan of LADY GAGA. I know that most fashion bloggers out there love her, sometimes even worship her and certainly consider her a top fashion icon. However I'm more inclined to see her as an ingenious show-biz project of a talented producer (or a whole gang of them), her every move carefully calculated to appeal to the broadest possible audience. However, I can not deny the fact that she's a big pop culture phenomenon and I was hoping this interview would shed some light on what Gaga is really like.

Well, my verdict is that she appears sweet and earnest, but I can't help suspecting that a great part of it is an act. And I did catch her being quite hypocritical on several occasions throughout the interview. For instance, she claimed her crazy outfits don't really matter to her fans, that they don't even notice them - so why do they try so hard to copy her style???

She also said she's great at dodging paparazzi and that she's first of all a musician, yet wearing tights and no pants to a baseball game (and that's just one of her many stunts) does seem like an attempt to get noticed and photographed whenever she's out in public. Such obvious obsession with staying in the spotlight at all times doesn't exactly befit someone who calls herself first of all a musician to her core...


  1. i kind of despise lady gaga....although i can't help but be fascinated by her and somehow despite not owning a single album i know a lot of her songs.,,

  2. Don't we all - know her songs I mean :) It's like first time you hear her new song, you usually like it - but after you hear it a million times everywhere - you get soooo bored with it


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