Thursday, April 14, 2011

Island vacation

Since last summer I've been living in Athens, Greece, which, among other things, means that whenever you feel like a nice seaside vacation, there is no need to go abroad - you can just go to one of the islands. And that's exactly what I'm going to do this Saturday - take the ferry and sail to the island of SAMOS. It's going to be 10 days of lazing, drinking frappe and hanging out on the beach with friends, dancing at our favourite club and eating out at tavernas. And of course we'll celebrate Easter Greek-style - I'm told its quite a spectacular holiday here with lots of delicious food :)
And of course I also hope to take some cool new outfit pics right there, in the open air and post them on the blog. As a teaser I enclose an outfit combo which looks something like what I plan to sail in - I'll be on the boat for 10 hours so I need to be properly "equipped."

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

STYLE OBSESSION: Leather cuff bracelets

I haven't worn leather cuffs since my punk-rock-chick phase some years ago, rejecting them as something I've "overgrown." Yet, the leather cuff bracelets from the recent "Pirates of the Caribbean" line by Hayden-Harnett for Disney (see below) made me realize how I still love this kind of accessories and it's about time to bring them back into my wardrobe - after all I still love to wear an edgy rock-style outfit every now and then... And while Hayden-Harnett is a bit out of my price range, the Topshop cuffs will suit me just fine!

Versatile Blogger Award - 2

Two days ago I was happy to hear that dear Caramellitsa of her namesake blog tagged me for Versatile Blogger Award. It's my second Versatile award and it's yet another indication that there are readers out there who appreciate my work which is very inspiring! So now I have to list 7 more things about myself and pass the award onto 7 fellow bloggers. Here goes:

1) I've been dying my hair since about 16 years old (mostly red) and it takes a lot of hair care products to keep it up and indeed grow it out - but I'm persistent!

2) I've done 7 years of musical school - my piano skills remained mediocre though, but I was doing well in the choir and still can sing quite decently (says modest me).

3) My native languages are Russian and Ukrainian, but due to the jobs I've had I have way more experience writing in English.

4) I adore cats. It's not that I sit watching LOL cats pics and videos all day, but I really admire those animals, always had them as pets and really want to have one again.

5) I haven't worn a watch since a very long time and believe them to be nothing but cute accessories in this day and age when we all have cell phones to tell us the time.

6) I watch lots of TV-shows. My current drama favorites are: "House M.D.," "Dexter," "Mad Men" and "Boardwalk Empire." Comedy: "30 Rock," "The Seinfeld Show" and "Curb Your Enthusiasm."

7) Of modern "style icons" I admire much more those who started from nothing and "created themselves" rather than socialites who simply learned how to spend Big family money in a very stylish way. I mean, good for them, but it doesn't qualify as "achievement" in my book.

And the Versatile Blogger Award goes to:

2) Wendy Eustache at A Flair for Fashion

3) Tereza Anton at Plastic Drastic

5) Nathalia at I'm Not Muggle

Congrats to all!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Stripes & leggings

As it gets warmer outside every day, it's gets harder to fight the inclination to wear lighter and lighter clothes when going outside. Thus I'm trying to find outfit compromises - such as wearing mini and pants at same time. So for me current weather in Athens is leggings time! Blazer and my comfiest flats compliment it just fine. I'm wearing a blazer by ZARA, a tunic from PROMOD,a bag from ACCESSORIZE, leggings by MANGO and shoes by PULL & BEAR.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Models off duty: 3 generic looks

Not all models have natural good taste and fashion sense, but, I guess, spending so much time among designers and stylists has a certain impact on the way they dress, plus beginner models are actually tutored by the agency on what to wear. Regardless, I've often admired the "off-duty" looks of the models - their outfits often appear so effortlessly chic, even if completely casual and unpretentious. A simple pair of jeans/leggings, a loose top, cool boots/converse + an It Bag - and you're ready to go. So, inspired by some of my favorite street style photos featuring models, I've put together those few generic "model off-duty" looks. Add pair of sunglasses and ... leave people wondering if you aren't one of them, models, yourself!

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