Sunday, April 10, 2011

Models off duty: 3 generic looks

Not all models have natural good taste and fashion sense, but, I guess, spending so much time among designers and stylists has a certain impact on the way they dress, plus beginner models are actually tutored by the agency on what to wear. Regardless, I've often admired the "off-duty" looks of the models - their outfits often appear so effortlessly chic, even if completely casual and unpretentious. A simple pair of jeans/leggings, a loose top, cool boots/converse + an It Bag - and you're ready to go. So, inspired by some of my favorite street style photos featuring models, I've put together those few generic "model off-duty" looks. Add pair of sunglasses and ... leave people wondering if you aren't one of them, models, yourself!

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