Thursday, May 26, 2011

Tattoo mania

I got an idea to get a tattoo quite a long time ago when I interviewed a tattoo and piercing artist from the most cult tattoo studio in my native Kyiv. Since then I still occasionally thought of it it but it always remained an idea. I know that lots of people get tattoos without giving it that much thought, but clearly I'm not one of them. But I guess I'm now going through some kind of critical age period when I feel like doing some radical changes to my style. It's not that I really think it's going to change my personality in any way - it's more like something I dare myself to do. I also am not sure what the tattoo is going to be. So I decided to first look at tattooed celebrities for tips.

I find FREJA's tattoo collection very edgy and not too gaudy at the same time - well done! My favorite is wrist tattoo though - gun is also cool, but it brings to mind violence and murder - don't think I'd want this on my body.

Looking at GISELE and KATE I'm really warming up to the idea of wrist tattoos. It's as subtle as it gets, plus we allways wear stuff around our wrists, sometimes permanently, so a tattoo would make total sense.

Cryptic and not so cryptic messages on body - in English and other languages - seems like a popular tattoo trend lately. ANGELINA's tattoos are quite famous already, while EVAN RACHEL WOOD follows up with a more elegant inscription. Yet, I'm not sure I can think of any statement I want to put on my body. Of course I have some favorite sayings and quotes, yet, what if I get tired of it later? Not sure I want to turn my body into a message board - that's all...

I really love RIHANNA's tattoo - the whole design and the positioning of it. I also like the stars as design element in general. Of course her tattoo is well suited only for a girl with a short haircut like hers, but could also work if located elsewhere on the body.

These are interesting examples but definitely a No. I don't even like wearing tees with prints depicting some other girls - I want people to look at my face, not theirs - let alone engrave them on my upper arms like AMY. And TILA's heart tattoo is just cheese and tacky.

On another note, what kind of tattoo design do I prefer myself? Well, apart from aforementioned stars, I'm really fascinated with butterflies. But I can't say that I'm a big fan of butterflies per se - nope, only as a tattoo design idea. Some of those below could work.

Now, CATS are quite another story. They are my favorite pets and favorite animals. I used to have cat and I'd love one again. I just find them adorable, smart, graceful, mysterious and very individualistic - those are all my favorite qualities. They are also other reasons why cats are awesome - but cat lovers already know, and non-cat lovers wouldn't understand :P Either way, a cat could be a good idea, and will have a meaning to it too since I believe myself to be a bit of a cat. Below is a compilation of cat tattoos I've liked best. Still not entirely sure which one I'd pick. Perhaps any of you have any experience with tattoos? I'd be glad for any peice of advice!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Scarlett Johansson tries on new faces for W Magazine

While some try on new summer clothes, SCARLETT JOHANSSON tried on some new faces in the June photo shoot for "W" Magazine called "Woody's Other Woman: A Study in Scarlett" by Tim Walker. ScarJo put herself through some almost shocking makeovers to pose as film icons of the past: Marlene Dietrich, Sarah Bernhardt, Buster Keaton and Giullietta Masina. And if in case of Dietrich it's still possible to recognize her, the rest would be quite tricky. In fact I find the Buster Keaton looks somewhat disturbing.


GIULLIETTA MASINA in Fellini's "Strada"



Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Summer's here: hot looks from latest editorials

Summer has officially arrived in Greece, or, at least in Athens. It's 33 degrees Celsius during day which means it's time to ditch jeans and shoes in favor of shorts and sandals and add a few extra light summer tops to my wardrobe. I also put together this mini scrapbook of the best looks from summer fashion shoots by some of the best magazines for style inspiration.


Aline Weber by Benny Horne for RUSSH

Bambi Northwood-Blyth for HARPER'S BAZAAR AUSTRALIA June/July 2011

Isabeli Fontana for VOGUE PARIS June/July 2011

Angela Lindvall for ELLE RUSSIA June 2011

Eniko Mihalik for VOGUE ITALIA May 2011

Liu Wen by for VOGUE CHINA June 2011

Remik Kozdra & Kasia Baczulis for PAPERCUT MAGAZINE

Monday, May 23, 2011

CANNES Part 2: the Movies

CANNES as usual left me with a must-see movies list. However, generally it's quite long, and is likely to get even longer - about many films shown at the fest there is very little information yet. So I give you the five Cannes films I want to see ASAP!

Without a doubt, a top number on the list. It's set in the 1920s, it's shot as a silent film, and, on top of everything else, it stars one of the biggest French screen charmers ever - Jean Dujardine, who, by the way, got BEST ACTOR for this performance! Since I'm in love with the 1920s as the fashion and lifestyle era, am a lover of silent movies and a fan of Dujardine - "The Artist" seems like a movie made especially for me. And it also has John Goodman in it - a treat!

In general I pretty much watch all of Lars Von Trier's films, because he's like no one else, a master-provocateur, and, considering that I often avoid the really dramatic, tragic films, it makes him something of an exception. However there are also extra reasons to see Melancholia. First is Lars Von Trier's ban from Cannes that somehow instantly made the movie 10 times more interesting - after all it's talking about its "risky" aesthetic is what got him into trouble. Second reason is that it's about a planet rushing towards the Earth threatening to put the end to its existence - sounds alluring. Third reason is Kirsten Dunst's BEST ACTRESS award. It's not the end of the list, but you get the picture.

I'm a big fan of Woody Allen, and even though not all his films are very good, especially lately, since he's been totally repeating himself, but lots of critics did praise "Midnight in Paris" which fills me with excitement! It also has a great cast and apparently includes some time travel. In short I would love to see Woody make "passionate love" to Paris as it was described by some reviewers.

One word: mysterious. That's the one thing I understand about this film so far. Also, Emily Browning is doing a lot of scenes here in her underwear ... and probably nude too. Judging but what's revealed in the trailer she's being hired by some pretentious lady at a mansion as something of a call girl, or maybe prostitute - only it's much more fancy, exquisite and complex than that. Let's see...

First off, it did win the Palme D'Ore and I usually watch the top winners. Secondly it has Sean Penn playing the son of Brad Pitt - it's one of those seriously weird things that you just have to see to believe. Overall, based on some reviews I've read, Terrence Malick's "Tree of Life" is mostly a meditation on, well, life, its origins (they say there are even dinosaurs in there!), fathers and sons etc. with breathtaking visuals and not much of a plot.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

CANNES Part 1: the Dresses

CANNES has just announced its big winners, so it's about time for a round-up of my own festival favorites, which I decided to break into two simple categories: the DRESSES and the MOVIES. The Movies part is to follow soon since I need some extra time for research, so I will start with the dresses. Also I didn't feel like criticizing much, so I listed only my favorite ones here, so feel free to assume that the rest I either hated or remained completely indifferent about.

I believe the star of Woody Allen's latest - "Midnight in Paris" - was the main attraction on the red carpet this time around. Although this praise may have a little something to do with recently seeing "Morning Glory" which revealed to me that RACHEL MCADAMS can do much better than cliche-packed films like "The Notebook." But, back to her dresses. This little number here is clearly risqué and in part resembles a curtain, yet I think she pulls it off.

This, on the contrary, is very classy and demure - very fitting for photo-call.

I think it's not so much the dress, but the overall look of MIA WASIKOWSKA that prompted me to give her my vote. I'm just too used to seeing her as an awkward mousy teenager, usually in pale dresses that don't compliment her at all, so that this remotely classic Hollywood look immediately caught my eye.

Another Cannes surprise for me here. I'm generally not a fan of KIRSTEN DUNST's personal style, but this totally captured me. It's clearly all about color here, since there is nothing too special about the dress itself. Note, dear fashionistas, a great color-blocking tip!

Say what you will about SARAH JESSICA PARKER, but I think she made a very smart choice with this dress. It's so boho chic - with the accent on chic - and so different from monochrome gowns most of her fellow actresses packed for Cannes.

I must confess I never saw JESSICA CHASTAIN in action (in movies or on TV) but "The Tree of Life" just got Palme D'Or, so I guess she's kind of important. And the dress is a good choice - elegant, a tad vintage and the color is perfect for redheads like herself.

I guess ANGELINA JOLIE would look a bit boring next to an all-white Brad in the previous photo, so I'm happy to catch her on her own. Angie here spots a simple yet winning look: feminine, airy and forever gorgeous.

ZOE SALDANA's number is obviously the wildest one on this list. I'm still fighting associations with a cheap plastic bag in the skirt part of the dress, yet I give her extra points for the dare. Plus it sits perfect on her and, against all odds, doesn't distort her figure.

And the last but not least is UMA THURMAN. She does indeed look quite a bit like a Bride (no pun intended) - especially from the back, but the front cutout magically turns the dress into an evening gown.

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