Thursday, May 26, 2011

Tattoo mania

I got an idea to get a tattoo quite a long time ago when I interviewed a tattoo and piercing artist from the most cult tattoo studio in my native Kyiv. Since then I still occasionally thought of it it but it always remained an idea. I know that lots of people get tattoos without giving it that much thought, but clearly I'm not one of them. But I guess I'm now going through some kind of critical age period when I feel like doing some radical changes to my style. It's not that I really think it's going to change my personality in any way - it's more like something I dare myself to do. I also am not sure what the tattoo is going to be. So I decided to first look at tattooed celebrities for tips.

I find FREJA's tattoo collection very edgy and not too gaudy at the same time - well done! My favorite is wrist tattoo though - gun is also cool, but it brings to mind violence and murder - don't think I'd want this on my body.

Looking at GISELE and KATE I'm really warming up to the idea of wrist tattoos. It's as subtle as it gets, plus we allways wear stuff around our wrists, sometimes permanently, so a tattoo would make total sense.

Cryptic and not so cryptic messages on body - in English and other languages - seems like a popular tattoo trend lately. ANGELINA's tattoos are quite famous already, while EVAN RACHEL WOOD follows up with a more elegant inscription. Yet, I'm not sure I can think of any statement I want to put on my body. Of course I have some favorite sayings and quotes, yet, what if I get tired of it later? Not sure I want to turn my body into a message board - that's all...

I really love RIHANNA's tattoo - the whole design and the positioning of it. I also like the stars as design element in general. Of course her tattoo is well suited only for a girl with a short haircut like hers, but could also work if located elsewhere on the body.

These are interesting examples but definitely a No. I don't even like wearing tees with prints depicting some other girls - I want people to look at my face, not theirs - let alone engrave them on my upper arms like AMY. And TILA's heart tattoo is just cheese and tacky.

On another note, what kind of tattoo design do I prefer myself? Well, apart from aforementioned stars, I'm really fascinated with butterflies. But I can't say that I'm a big fan of butterflies per se - nope, only as a tattoo design idea. Some of those below could work.

Now, CATS are quite another story. They are my favorite pets and favorite animals. I used to have cat and I'd love one again. I just find them adorable, smart, graceful, mysterious and very individualistic - those are all my favorite qualities. They are also other reasons why cats are awesome - but cat lovers already know, and non-cat lovers wouldn't understand :P Either way, a cat could be a good idea, and will have a meaning to it too since I believe myself to be a bit of a cat. Below is a compilation of cat tattoos I've liked best. Still not entirely sure which one I'd pick. Perhaps any of you have any experience with tattoos? I'd be glad for any peice of advice!


  1. i want a tattoo too but i'm thinking about it..gisele's star is what i want...

  2. I too like wrist tattoos. I also have a weird "thing" for hand/finger tattoos?! Strange, I know. What if you didn't do a literal cat tattoo, but a paw print? I think paws are adorable! Big decision, please keep us posted.


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