Saturday, March 19, 2011

My spring shoe cravings: Aldo, Zara and Manolos

Here I posted a number of shoes I'm craving after this spring - and hopefully one or two pairs of those will actually end up in my collection sometime soon. As you can see this spring I'm mostly after clogs and wedges, including wedge shoes which I never found attractive before, but Aldo made me change my mind.

So let's start will ALDO:

Now, some ZARA:

And finally, a few MANOLO BLAHNIKs as pure springy ice candy:

Friday, March 18, 2011

Aldo spring 2011 shoes & accessories lookbook

I already once mentioned how I miss ALDO shops - they have them in Kyiv, where I used to live, but not in Greece where I am now. I know I can still shop online, but it's not the same. I like to try things on - especially when it comes to shoes, and most of all I just like being at an Aldo store - especially a big one, where you can find dozens of delicious-looking pairs -from latest arrivals to last season's leftovers with great deals on them plus bags, purses, sunglasses etc. For the time being, however, all I can do is enjoy those pics from the latest ad campaign for ALDO's spring/summer 2011 collection of shoes and accessories: adore those crazy platforms and colourful clutches.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Can't wait to "Sucker Punch"!

I know I posted about this film already, but all those teaser-promotions - featurettes, new stills and other news bits that keep coming up - make me seriously look forward to this! Anyway"SUCKER PUNCH" is opening in just a week in the U.S. which means we're about to get some proper reviews. Of course there is every chance that the film's gonna suck despite awesome pics and trailers, but I sure hope it won't or if it does - not completely. I love girl power films, and a movie starring a character that looks like a porn-schoolgirl-meets-Black-Mamba plus a gang of S&M fetishist's wet dreams/killer warrior chicks, altogether doing an incredible amount of ass kicking - can't be all bad! In the worst case it should make an awesome piece of cyberpunk trash.

And they have JON HAMM in it too! Definitely, can't be bad...

My new love - French Vogue

It so happened that I never actually bought FRENCH VOGUE before. I have two excuses: 1) I lived all my life (until last summer) in Kyiv, Ukraine, where such a magazine was hard to find and if found - probably way overpriced; 2) I was doing French lessons back in high school and have forgotten a lot since then - so usually prefer English publications.

But having flapped through my first ever French edition (namely March 2011) just yesterday, I can say it certainly won't be my last (and helping me refresh my French is not the only reason). From the EMMANUELLE-inspired cover to DALII-esque jewellery photo shoot inside - the whole mag is extremely arty, provocative and conceptual but somehow playful and grounded at the same time. It seems to be targeted at an intelligent fashionista rather than a label-crazed shopaholic. In short Vogue Paris still keeps up the image of French capital as the most fashionable, sexy and classiest city as seen in the romantic movies - even if it's not entirely true anymore. It's a pleasant "fantaisie" you can live through magazine's pages.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Best place to shop for foreign magazines in Athens

I can't believe I have been in ATHENS since July and discovered this store only now! And it's not like it's hidden away or anything: it's located right at Omonia square! Actually rode by it on my man's motorbike a few times - but always forgot to remember to check it out. Anyway, from now on INTERNATIONAL PRESS/BOOKS (73 Panepistimiou, 210-3210989) is my top location to browse magazines from all over Europe, USA and beyond. I mean, those guys pretty much have it all (probably several hundreds of mags) and prices are more reasonable than at the kiosks at Syntagma where I occasionally used to pick up Vogue and Empire. They also have a limited selection of books in English, for some of which I will probably come back.

Naturally, I simply couldn't walk out of this "candy store" of mags empty handed. So I got this FRENCH VOGUE (March 2011 edition, Euro 7.50). It's the first time ever I bought the French one and it's great, so more on this gorgeous edition in next post!

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