Thursday, March 17, 2011

Can't wait to "Sucker Punch"!

I know I posted about this film already, but all those teaser-promotions - featurettes, new stills and other news bits that keep coming up - make me seriously look forward to this! Anyway"SUCKER PUNCH" is opening in just a week in the U.S. which means we're about to get some proper reviews. Of course there is every chance that the film's gonna suck despite awesome pics and trailers, but I sure hope it won't or if it does - not completely. I love girl power films, and a movie starring a character that looks like a porn-schoolgirl-meets-Black-Mamba plus a gang of S&M fetishist's wet dreams/killer warrior chicks, altogether doing an incredible amount of ass kicking - can't be all bad! In the worst case it should make an awesome piece of cyberpunk trash.

And they have JON HAMM in it too! Definitely, can't be bad...


  1. YAY athens greece! i just did a post about my upcoming trip to cyprus to see my parents : )

    i keeping walking by an ad for this movie and i don't really understand what it is ... is it based on a comic book or something?

    just followed you on google connect. keep in touch!


    Holier than Now

  2. Hey there! Just followed you on google too!
    The movie is not based on comic book - it's an original screenplay. You can learn more here if you like I'm a big movie fan so I always keep up to date wit new releases.
    Have fun in Cyprus


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