Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New uber-cool "Sucker Punch" trailer

Don't know about you, but I just loooove a cool flick full of sexy ACTION CHICKS kicking the world in the ass, and "SUCKER PUNCH" (opening in less than a month) looks to be packed with the latter. Hey it even has something of a plot: a girl sent to an insane asylum by her step father (true - that whole evil step MOTHER business was getting a bit old) finds refuge in an alternate reality. And boy, that's one hell of a reality (judging by the trailers)! Monsters, crazy war machines, dragons and pretty much the full-on Hell breaks loose on the sweet-faced little girls, who respond with all they got - and they've got plenty! And just look at those warrior outfits! They'll make awesome Halloween costumes - that is if the film lives up to its promise (given by yet another super stylish trailer) and really proves a smash hit.

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