Thursday, March 17, 2011

My new love - French Vogue

It so happened that I never actually bought FRENCH VOGUE before. I have two excuses: 1) I lived all my life (until last summer) in Kyiv, Ukraine, where such a magazine was hard to find and if found - probably way overpriced; 2) I was doing French lessons back in high school and have forgotten a lot since then - so usually prefer English publications.

But having flapped through my first ever French edition (namely March 2011) just yesterday, I can say it certainly won't be my last (and helping me refresh my French is not the only reason). From the EMMANUELLE-inspired cover to DALII-esque jewellery photo shoot inside - the whole mag is extremely arty, provocative and conceptual but somehow playful and grounded at the same time. It seems to be targeted at an intelligent fashionista rather than a label-crazed shopaholic. In short Vogue Paris still keeps up the image of French capital as the most fashionable, sexy and classiest city as seen in the romantic movies - even if it's not entirely true anymore. It's a pleasant "fantaisie" you can live through magazine's pages.

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