Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Best place to shop for foreign magazines in Athens

I can't believe I have been in ATHENS since July and discovered this store only now! And it's not like it's hidden away or anything: it's located right at Omonia square! Actually rode by it on my man's motorbike a few times - but always forgot to remember to check it out. Anyway, from now on INTERNATIONAL PRESS/BOOKS (73 Panepistimiou, 210-3210989) is my top location to browse magazines from all over Europe, USA and beyond. I mean, those guys pretty much have it all (probably several hundreds of mags) and prices are more reasonable than at the kiosks at Syntagma where I occasionally used to pick up Vogue and Empire. They also have a limited selection of books in English, for some of which I will probably come back.

Naturally, I simply couldn't walk out of this "candy store" of mags empty handed. So I got this FRENCH VOGUE (March 2011 edition, Euro 7.50). It's the first time ever I bought the French one and it's great, so more on this gorgeous edition in next post!


  1. you found the best place it is famous all over Athens ;)

    have fun

  2. Wooww!!
    I can spend hours and hours in there!

  3. I am going to RAPE the cover of Vogue :P


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