Saturday, March 19, 2011

My spring shoe cravings: Aldo, Zara and Manolos

Here I posted a number of shoes I'm craving after this spring - and hopefully one or two pairs of those will actually end up in my collection sometime soon. As you can see this spring I'm mostly after clogs and wedges, including wedge shoes which I never found attractive before, but Aldo made me change my mind.

So let's start will ALDO:

Now, some ZARA:

And finally, a few MANOLO BLAHNIKs as pure springy ice candy:


  1. ohh, girl... hate to spoil it for you, but the very first shoe from Aldo is VERY uncomfortable to actually wear...i had to sell them on eBay..:) i LOVED the look so bought them. but i regretted the purchase very soon afterwards. they felt like bricks on my feet. When you buy smth like that, make sure the platform is made of light material and that you can actually walk in them...

  2. Thanx)) But I make sure to always try shoes before I buy them, walk around the store etc. etc. I still made mistakes of course )) But if shoes feel weird on my feet as soon as put them on - usually give them up.


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