Sunday, May 22, 2011

CANNES Part 1: the Dresses

CANNES has just announced its big winners, so it's about time for a round-up of my own festival favorites, which I decided to break into two simple categories: the DRESSES and the MOVIES. The Movies part is to follow soon since I need some extra time for research, so I will start with the dresses. Also I didn't feel like criticizing much, so I listed only my favorite ones here, so feel free to assume that the rest I either hated or remained completely indifferent about.

I believe the star of Woody Allen's latest - "Midnight in Paris" - was the main attraction on the red carpet this time around. Although this praise may have a little something to do with recently seeing "Morning Glory" which revealed to me that RACHEL MCADAMS can do much better than cliche-packed films like "The Notebook." But, back to her dresses. This little number here is clearly risqué and in part resembles a curtain, yet I think she pulls it off.

This, on the contrary, is very classy and demure - very fitting for photo-call.

I think it's not so much the dress, but the overall look of MIA WASIKOWSKA that prompted me to give her my vote. I'm just too used to seeing her as an awkward mousy teenager, usually in pale dresses that don't compliment her at all, so that this remotely classic Hollywood look immediately caught my eye.

Another Cannes surprise for me here. I'm generally not a fan of KIRSTEN DUNST's personal style, but this totally captured me. It's clearly all about color here, since there is nothing too special about the dress itself. Note, dear fashionistas, a great color-blocking tip!

Say what you will about SARAH JESSICA PARKER, but I think she made a very smart choice with this dress. It's so boho chic - with the accent on chic - and so different from monochrome gowns most of her fellow actresses packed for Cannes.

I must confess I never saw JESSICA CHASTAIN in action (in movies or on TV) but "The Tree of Life" just got Palme D'Or, so I guess she's kind of important. And the dress is a good choice - elegant, a tad vintage and the color is perfect for redheads like herself.

I guess ANGELINA JOLIE would look a bit boring next to an all-white Brad in the previous photo, so I'm happy to catch her on her own. Angie here spots a simple yet winning look: feminine, airy and forever gorgeous.

ZOE SALDANA's number is obviously the wildest one on this list. I'm still fighting associations with a cheap plastic bag in the skirt part of the dress, yet I give her extra points for the dare. Plus it sits perfect on her and, against all odds, doesn't distort her figure.

And the last but not least is UMA THURMAN. She does indeed look quite a bit like a Bride (no pun intended) - especially from the back, but the front cutout magically turns the dress into an evening gown.


  1. I'm going to go with MIA WASIKOWSKA. She looks really good and elegant in this dress.

  2. rachel mcadams....unique!!

  3. Crazy for the Kirsten Dunst and SJP looks! Love them!

  4. WOW..beautiful, stunning dresses! and most beautiful pictures.



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