Friday, May 20, 2011

Paint It Rouge: a red lipstick experiment

I haven't used a lipstick for quite some years now. Instead I've been wearing all sorts of lip gloss - from pearly to glossy and semi-transparent - and whenever I tried a lipstick on, I felt that it looked too harsh on me - almost vulgar. But we grow up, our tastes change and this season I got swept away by the RED lipstick trend.
Of course, it's a classic, and never really went out of fashion, but suddenly I started seeing it everywhere - from catwalk shows to red carpets, so I decided I simply must get a red one myself - even though it felt (and still feels) quite dashing and experimental to me. So I went and got this "Lady Danger" matte lipstick from MAC - it's my first experience with MAC cosmetics in fact (there were no MAC stores in Kyiv, Ukraine where I lived until recently) and I was totally pleased with its quality. As for my red lip EXPERIMENT - I believe it was successful! I'm still getting used to my red-lipped look but already loving it. I think it was just what I needed to spice up my makeup style.

Below I enclose a number of celebrity and catwalk show pics for more Rouge inspiration...

Julianne Moore

Bonnie Wright

Penelope Cruz
Marc by Marc Jacobs



  1. i love it! red lipstick, or any bold lip really, is fabulous in my book. everytime i put on lipstick it makes me feel pretty and powerful :) i love the color you choose for yourself!


  2. You look so pretty girl the red lipstick suits you perfectly. Super cute.


  3. Thank you, darlings, for your sweet compliments! And you totally right, Brittany, about powerful - so true ))

  4. I'm following you now. Your blog looks really good, I like this post :)


  5. I love a bit of red lippy and it looks great on you too! Especially with your hair it makes you POP and deff a statement piece.

  6. I do not think that suits to everyone even if it is in fashion!but it definitely suits you!lovely girl!!

  7. You were meant for red lipstick! It looks fabulous on you. Lady Danger is the best, but I'll probably keep accumulating more and more...!


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