Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Samos Diary: Finale

So here is my last post in Samos Diary series. Honestly I was too tired and relaxed to take pictures on the last day, so I give you some of the photos from Easter Sunday. Apparently as usual on this day, the city streets were deserted - as all residents were having festive barbecues with families and friends, which usually involve roasting a whole goat and other meats. We also followed the example of the locals and spent the afternoon on the sunlit terrace of my man's childhood friend's house on the mountain with him and his family, and ... the goat. I will leave out the picture of the actual animal (too scary), and instead offer you some highlights of the party which include me, posing in the cap that actually belongs to the master of the house, an improvised karaoke performance and a cat which appeared from somewhere, surely drawn by the smell of meat. Even though I like most cats, what I adore about this one is that he looks so unlike all the sweet furry creatures we're used to seeing - he's a proper "jungle" hunter, a real Bandit!


  1. what great photos, & beautiful blue water - makes me wish i lived my the sea, or at least got to vacation there once and a while!

  2. Amazing views and an awesum kitty-cat to boot! Thanks for sharing!


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