Sunday, March 27, 2011

Getting fit for summer in 5 easy steps

I'm really loving this cropped tee trend - it's so sexy yet sporty and casual. But in order to rock it this summer (as well as skinny dresses, bikini and other revealing outfits) I need a nicely shaped flat tummy which, after several winter months of working from home and enjoying various delicious foods, I no longer possess. Luckily, I know how to get it back by following a number of simple guidelines. I'm not saying it's a perfect formula and it works for everybody - but it surely works for me.

The simplest way to shade a kilo or two is to spend more energy than you consume, which translates as: "eat less and move more." Work out means different things for different people and there are not strict rules there: yoga, martial arts, pole dancing - all of it can be fun and effective! Hey, even a day of intensive shopping is a workout! Myself, I tend to alternate several types of workout: POWER WALKING, PILATES and some of the very effective exercises for ABS that I found HERE.

Namely, focus on foods that speed up metabolism and help burn calories, while being perfectly healthy for you at the same time: apples, grapefruit, greens, leek, onions, spinach, rice, eggs, chicken, turkey, fish, seafood, non-fat yoghurt, oatmeal, olive oil etc. Also cook more with fat-burning spices: cinnamon (I add it to coffee every day), chili powder, ginger, garlic, parsley, cardamon, cloves, cumin and curry. Eat nuts as snacks, fruity milkshakes and fruit salads as desserts, and whole-grain bread and dried crust instead of regular bread (my own favorites are Finn Crisps).

Drinking about 2 litres of water a day is a must in general - for my part I often forget about taking that extra sip until I get really thirsty - which already means serious dehydration. But water is especially important when you're trying to lose some weight - it works miracles for metabolism.

Such things as firming creams won't do much for you on their own - despite what all the fancy ads promise - yet, in combination with a certain diet and a workout, they can be of great help to tone up the desired body areas. Especially if carefully massaged into skin. Firming shower gels and scrubs will increase the effect!

I'm not the most organized person in the world and I need a strong stimulant to continue with my plan! So I make a "solemn vow" to my readers and fellow bloggers that I will go through with this. Now I have no other choice :)

Finally I'd like to point out that I don't get fanatical about any of this. I don't ban myself from eating the things I really love - it would only make me crave them more, and I don't torture myself by "not eating after six" and going to bed hungry. I just try watch what I eat in general, don't stuff myself and if I really want a chocolate croissant or cake - try to have it in the first half of the day, and eat lightly in the evening. As for exercising - it can be a drag at first but gets addictive quite soon!


  1. Very usefull article :D & I love that cat picture :D very funny!

  2. ugh i need to start working out again! summer is creeping up and i want to be bikini ready but the time it gets here. my plan is to start running and do yoga once a week, then build to twice a week. good luck with getting in shape!

  3. You read my mind! I am not on a diet, but at least I try to eat healthier and exercise a bit more, walk my dog more and use my bike a bit more than I did during winter! Let's hope it works! Fingers crossed!

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