Thursday, March 10, 2011

Kate Moss smoking stunt at Louis Vuitton: Bold or Fail?

Kate Moss just added yet another one to the long list of scandals starring her by walking the catwalk at Louis Vuitton autumn-winter 2011/12 show while puffing on a cigarette. Aside from the fact that smoking in Great Britain is illegal at all public places (which certainly includes catwalks), the incident also took place on March 9, which happened to be Britain's annual No-Smoking Day.

Indeed, Marc Jacobs made it quite clear that the new collection and the show was all about breaking the rules, crossing boundaries and expression of personal freedom. But while chain-smoking may be Kate Moss's personal choice, it's hardly something to be promoted, especially among younger generation that is greatly influenced by Louis Vuitton as a brand, Marc Jacobs as a designer, and Kate Moss as a style icon.

So what do we make of this? Was it Moss trying to declare that with her history of drug and alcohol abuse, and dating the baddest boys out there, she can easily get away with just about anything? Or was it Marc's way of rooting for his now ostracised colleague John Galliano by staging a scandal of his own?


  1. Definitely not a good choice. Kate Moss should have had more respect for the show.

  2. I believe they agreed on it with Jacobs - as element of the show. So both of them are responsible

  3. No need of this negative role model!


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