Friday, March 11, 2011

Run into spring in Converse X Marimekko!

While most of my fellow fashion bloggers continuously praise various gorgeous designer shoes with sky-high heels, I will shamelessly declare love for the shoes I actually love to wear (and not just look at) - CONVERSE! I mean of course I do wear more elegant footwear, but nothing gives my feet such a feeling of freedom as a cute pair of those famous keds. And I just got yet another reason to love Converse - their newest spring collection-collaboration with Marimekko - a Finnish brand known for its cool printed textiles. So I give you a sneak peek of CONVERSE X MARIMEKKO spring 2011 collection as well as the video that tells the story behind it!

1 comment:

  1. converse shoes are always in fashion!!
    no matter how many you have you still need more..
    i always buy a pair in the beggining of every season :DD
    cool post
    keep blogging


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