Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Samos Diary: Day 2

Our Monday in SAMOS started with a traditionally late coffee drinking at our favorite cafe, followed by a short ride to a quiet and deserted spot by the sea, and then - by a very enjoyable meal at a taverna on the Samos seafront. The late lunch featured lots of Ouzo (traditional Greek anise-based alcohol drink, served with ice and cold water) - hence some of the crazier pics you may see below :)


  1. This looks awesome! I hope you had a good time out there...

    All the best, Angel


  2. Your pictures make me wanna say: I MISS GREECE!!! :(

    Have a happy Wednesday (and how can you not, in this country???) :)

  3. Thank you guys! Yep, having a very nice time here :) Just about to make another post - from yesterday!


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