Sunday, May 15, 2011

Honesty in online shopping

I fell in love with those FREE PEOPLE wedges the moment I saw them. I'm currently looking for a pair of wedges anyway, and those were some of the coolest sandals are saw so far, plus the price, Euro 62.35 fit in my price range just fine. And I might have already gone ahead and ordered them had I not spotted the "Reviews & Fitting" section, containing 2 comments. The first review was mild, though not especially favorable; the second was quite negative, criticizing a number of QUALITY aspects, and both ended with the authors claiming they'd be returning the shoes.
Naturally that cooled down my excitement, especially considering that I'm generally cautious about buying SHOES online - it's so unpredictable when it comes to feet! But at the same time I couldn't help thinking how thankful I was to Free People for not only allowing comments on their product pages, but also NOT deleting the negative ones! ONLINE shopping is a tricky world, full of possible mishaps, and it's nice when someone gives you a warning.
Of course there is every possibility that the 2 commentators were not truly honest, just feisty or annoyed with the store for whatever reason. But if they were right, they possibly saved me time and disappointment since I'm not a big fan of returning goods do the store, especially by mail and especially in Greece were the post office is only open 5 days a week till 2 p.m. I wish more ONLINE SHOPS where like Free People, but not likely - who wants bad publicity?


  1. I am too in search of a pair of wedges and even though I have bought shoes online before I am a bit hesitant... Love the ones you found and I think if you go for a walk on Ippokratous street downtown Athens you will find a great variety! :)

  2. Thanks for the tip! Will check it out ))

  3. Those wedges are just amazing!!! I love online shopping but usually do shop in the same stores so I know exactly size and fit. Hope you have a good experience because these wedges are a must have.


  4. Those shoes are gorgeous, but I also would have been put off by the negative comments. I agree, more shopping websites should include comments. They really do help. I don't know how many times I have bought stuff (shoes, swimsuits, etc.) online, only to realize their sizes are way off. Comments would have helped me discover that before I had to go through the hassle of exchanging. Ugh. And that costs money! :(

    Great post!

  5. I am always careful when leaving comments and try to give specific examples of my experience and the product. I buy most of my shoes online, but had a couple mishaps in the beginning. Now I tend to stick to the same stores, brands & sizes unless they offer free returns like so many shops like Asos are now offering.


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