Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Let the sunshine in

I decided to celebrate the departure of a very nasty cold (I suffered for over a week!) with a very relaxed and unpretentious outfit post. Another cause for "celebration" is my new hair - today I've finally cut it, and more importantly, dyed it a bright red which was once my signature hair color, but which I haven't worn for almost two years. I just felt a strong need to make some noticeable change to my appearance - so here it is...
As for the outfit, that's how I love to dress lately in this springy yet not too hot weather when going shopping in the neighbourhood or just taking a walk. The denim shirt is one of the more recent purchases of mine and is clearly going to be viral in my wardrobe all summer (I'm loving it!). This VOLCOM t-shirt, on the other hand, is already a few years old and it still remains among my favorites for its original cut and cool print.

This ALDO is about the same age as the tee, and it does look worn on the back side, but I still love its unique design and ginger brown leather.

These two bracelets are my most recent purchase. Since I have fallen for the multiple handmade bracelets trend, I decided to start my collection in SAMOS where I spent my vacation only two weeks ago. There, in a small shop I browsed among dozens of handmade bracelets until I picked out those two beauties made from leather, string, wood and metal.


  1. Your hair looks great and I am in love love love with your bracelets:-)


  2. great photos! i love the first one :)

    and killer hair, the red is awesome :)



  3. Those bracelets! Amazing.. Your hair looks really good. I love the red color especially the fact that you can actually see the color.


  4. nice style alex,, volcom tee owns ;)

    --george kar.

  5. love the bag and bracelets, great look!
    xo Cara


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