Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Caught in the summer rain

Ironically, summer began in GREECE - the country so famous for its warm weather - with a rain! It was warm but pretty heavy, and I bet someone who was caught in it without an umbrella - or even with one - could have been soaked wet, which can be quite annoying if you're on your way to work, a meeting or simply have things to do and can't rush home for a change of clothes.

But I'm sure all of us also have some lovely memories related to a summer rain, those times when it made us happier rather than upset, or when we didn't really care if we got soaked and our makeup got smudged because we happened to be very happy that very moment.

Either way, summer rain has its special magic to it, it has that special smell and even after it's over the air keeps that strangely alluring fresh smell for a while. And everything looks so crystal clear after the rain... And, finally, as we all know, there is no rainbow without a rain! So, inspired by those thoughts and memories I put together this quick summer rain post. Kudos to Pinterest for helping me find some of those beautiful pics!

Gene Kelly in "Singing in the Rain"

"My Neighbour Totoro"

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  1. xaxaaaa loved this post!!

    have a nice month Alex!!!

    summer is here although it rains LOL :DDD

    kisses <3


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