Tuesday, July 5, 2011

She’s a rainbow


Dying my hair is seriously on my agenda these days – it’s right about time to refresh the color and make those outgrown contrasting roots disappear. Nothing extraordinary is planned – just my regular vivid ginger red. Still I can’t help wishing for something much more crazy – getting some rainbow colors in my hair just like all those girls here and others like them. It’s just feels so alluring and daring to make such a statement only with your hair! I’m totally lusting over the colorfully highlighted ends – like the ones on Abbey Lee Kershaw above. I know of course that my hair is weak enough as it is, and any drastic experiments may properly kill it, but maybe I could get a clip-on highlight in blue at least?

But while I’m still pondering over how far can I go about making my rainbow hair obsession a reality, I decided to enquire – who is to blame for this gorgeously mad hair trend? Well, there sure is more than one guilty party…

For starters, this girl here – Ramona Flowers (Mary Elizabeth Winstead in “Scott Pilgrim vs. The World,” 2010)


Though this one came even earlier – much earlier, back in 2004. However no one, but a few punks, dared to follow the way of Clementine (Kate Winslet’s in “Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind”) at the time. Still, for me, she’ll always remain the queen of rainbow hair…


Then there is of course Katy Perry with her latest stunner wigs (great option for those who want to try the look without the risk)


And … naturally, Lady Gaga – world’s main fashion scapegoat at the moment – lots of weird stuff that people wear can be easily blamed on her. Her scull has probably seen more wigs by now then an average wig store, so no wonder she caught the color wave quite promptly.


And let’s not forget gorgeous model Charlotte Free – her candy locks must have sent many a blonde (or wannabe blonde) running to a colorist. And no wonder – she looks just so sweet, cool and simply adorable!


Also, there was this Meadham Kirchhoff’s fashion show last September – it surely helped kickstart the rainbow!


As well as this Vogue Paris editorial starring Eniko Mihalik last October…


And this – “Washed Up” editorial by Aitken Jolly for b Magazine – is just one of many recent takes on the rainbow girl.



  1. very bold looks! i don't have the courage to go a crazy color like that, but I say go for it!


  2. wow that is so cool!!!
    i dont think it would look good on me but if you try it post some photos for us to see!!

    kisses <3

  3. ti oraio thema!!!!toso xroma tosi xara!!!iperoxo pragmatika...

  4. I would totally go for it if my hair was longer and I had a colourist that could rock it out! LOVE this post. Hope you do it.
    Dressology HQ

  5. I say you do it! Do the Abbey Lee one.!

    All the best, Angel


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