Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Coolest style choice for autumn: Tough urban gal


First of all, hello all, I’m back! I know I was absent for quite some time, well over a month in fact, so that the whole blog grew lonely and desolate, and virtually covered in dust. Well, let say I took a long summer break and now I’m back with fresh ideas, ready to make something new and cool with the the Lifestyle Geek. And what better way there is to return to blogging and revive your fashion inspiration than going through fall/winter fashion collections! After all it’s September, which means time for style changes and fashion experiments.

Actually here in Athens it’s still very summery – 30 degrees during day on average – so I’m stuck wearing summer clothes for some time longer. But I surely know what I’d love to be wearing once summer’s over or once I move to a very different climate (more on that in the next post). My top style of choice for this season is Tough Urban Gal – or at least that’s how I chose to call her. Her various interpretations can be found in the fall/winter 2011-12 collections of numerous designers who celebrate the boyish unisex look this season, mixing masculinity with powerful sex appeal and glamour. Now I’ve got all the inspiration I need to unleash my inner tomboy – not that it was ever well hidden for that matter, but it’s been awhile since being one was so very fashionable. 

Paul SmithPaul-Smith Those are some of my favorite catwalk looks – college boy after a sex change or something like it. Sleek layering, great shoes and messed up hair – love it.

ChanelChanel This season Chanel’s classy girls are boldly invading the gentlemen territory – surely the label’s namesake lady herself would be delighted with this fashionable emancipation.

Diesel Black GoldDieselBlackGold


The first time I saw this collection back in spring, I thought the ladies looked like they just walked off the set of “True Grit” – the Coens’ latest western epic. Of course it was not customary for girls to dress like that in those wild west times – luckily now we do whatever we want! 

Dolce & Gabbanadolce-gabbana


Along with Dolce & Gabbana, Balmain offers a very glamorous take on the Tough Urban Chic. And more messed up hairdos which add the perfect final touch to the free-spirited look.



Orange, rust and mustard yellow reign in the color palette this fall and since they are also my own favorites (also warm colors always look good on me), I will be more than happy to include more items in those colors to my autumn style set.


  1. i know it's soo so hot here!!
    i love the dkny and the p.smith photos so cool!! urban style perfect for evryday!

    kisses dear <3


  2. to agapo k to protimo sixna!poli oraies protaseis....:D


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