Monday, February 14, 2011

Let's get trending

Once I read this article in some women's magazine - about those guys who compile "lookbooks" - style guides that reflect current and up-and-coming fashion trends that clothing designers later buy (for lots of cash) and use when working on new collections.

Basically those guys act as "fashion oracles" predicting what would be in vogue a few seasons ahead. Only they do so not through divine illumination or anything of the sort, but meticulous analysis of everything happening around us.

Music, movies, TV, art, political and economical developments etc. are all elements that mould and create today's fashion and lifestyle. Myself, I was never bold enough to be a trendsetter. I rather look at what's on offer and pick out what I like. But I'm also a writer, with passion to reflect on and analyse trends and lifestyles, and highlight things that define them most - at least for me.

And I want to make this blog about all those fascinating, beautiful, exciting, inspiring, infectious, entertaining, heart-warming and just plain fun things. And it starts now.

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