Monday, February 14, 2011

Loving the 1920s with "Boardwalk Empire"

"Boardwalk Empire" is probably the best new TV-show I've seen lately - and, mind you, I pick all my shows carefully and only watch the top-grade stuff. But Martin Scorsese as producer and Steve Buscemi as the leading man certainly make a perfect combination - especially for the gangster-themed show. Speaking of gangster, I'm not the biggest fan of the genre, but it's just so cool and stylish, and ... it's the twenties!

The 1920s is my most favorite fashion era ever, and judging by the enormous success of the "Empire" (it's just the first season and it already snubbed a Golden Globe), season 2 is on the way, which may well mean that the 20s will come back into fashion!

In fact, I'm not that old-fashioned - and twenties style is quite conservative, but it's just so gorgeous! From underwear to those crazy headpieces... And while dresses are long, conceal all the curves and humps, they are still incredibly sexy.

Women suddenly liberated (though still relatively) after ages of male oppression, free to enjoy nightlife, dancing and drinking on par with men. And the style celebrates their new-found freedom. So I say let's indulge in twenties with the girls of the "Boardwalk Empire"!

Kelly McDonald as Margaret Schroeder - mother/widow of a drunken gambler/suffragette-turned-Nucky Thompson's (Buscemi) main woman and show's leading lady

Paz de la Huerta as Lucy Danziger, Nucky's lover for first half of the season and proper twenties slut

Fashion photo-shoot for Empire's top four gals: Gretchen Mol, Alexa Palladino and of course Kelly McDonald and Paz de la Huerta

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