Sunday, May 1, 2011

There is still only one KATE in London

I know this is a bit radical and more provocative than what I usually post, but this cool picture really expresses my feelings about the whole Royal Wedding fuss and Kate Middleton persona. I mean I have no problem with two sweethearts getting married, but I'm seriously annoyed by "default" celebrities - people whose popularity is strictly circumstantial, and has nothing to do with talent or any great achievements. I'm sorry, but being born into a rich and famous family or indeed scoring a rich and famous husband doesn't make you a SOMEBODY. So down with "princesses" in their golden cages, and cheers to Kate - she might be just a model, but she EARNED the right to be called fashion icon, designer muse and indeed and one the best known faces in modern fashion industry. She's still the ONE Kate.


  1. I agree I am so glad the wedding is over I have been very annoyed with all the magazine covers and constant coverage!

  2. Honestly, this is the best post I have read this weekend. Finally someone did not post about the details of the wedding. I was honestly sick of it. Take me to royal jail, I don't care if I talk bad about them. La Moss is the original Kate!


  3. Finally!! Yes, there is one who earned the household name status, the icon status, the fame and the money. I have no interest in the giant spending of tax-money called royal wedding.


    -La Copine



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