Friday, June 10, 2011

In the mood for travel

So today it suddenly turned out that I'm actually going to CYPRUS next Sunday for 5 days! It won't be a vacation in the pure sense of the word since first of all I will be stationed in the city - the capital, Nikosia, which is nowhere near the sea and secondly, if I get any of my usual freelance assignments while I'm there - I will get to work. Truth be told I'm accompanying my man who is going there for work and I'm just coming along because I've never been to Cyprus before and because ... well, change of scenery can only do me good!

So, like any fashionista, the first thing I got to thinking about - once my ticket booking confirmation has arrived in my mailbox - is what I'm going to pack! Though the question is really what not to take - because the desire to shove all my favorite summer pieces in the suitcases is huge! But, need to be calm and rational. At least I surely can't say I've nothing to wear - a couple of goodies I ordered from ASOS arrived in the mail today plus I just got a pair of new gladiator sandals from Greek brand Fullah Sugah. I expect to do a post on those latest arrivals over the weekend, in the meantime I give you my ultimate city holiday outfit set and some cute vacation inspiration photos. The latter are very beach-style and while, like I said, I will hardly manage to spend much time on the beach in Cyprus, I will sure try to get there at some point!


  1. i want a vacation! even if it is not really a real vacation, change of scenery is always always nice!

    i love all the photos you choose :)


  2. Lucky! Even though you are not going out by the sea sounds like it is going to be an exciting trip! Can't wait to see all the pictures you take..

    All the best, Angel

  3. I need to go away for a while too, but no money to do that :).

  4. oh,Alex,i soo understand you i am in that same mood too!! hope you have a great time!! this most is so nice,i cant wait for my summer holidays!!

    kisses <3

  5. oooh have fun on your mini trip! I love packing for vacations, I just hate unpacking so much!

    have a happy monday, and thank you for following my blog!


  6. Consider me officially jealous! And Cyprus? Even if you have to work some, I'm sure it's going to be amazing!

    Looking forward to seeing what you bought at Asos.


  7. nice lovely blog! thank for the tips
    this is mine:

    hope you'll see it!!!


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