Monday, June 13, 2011

DIY shorts, gladiators and a clock-camera

I finally got around to shooting the latest arrivals to my wardrobe. Two of them are the result of my first ever shopping at ASOS - I know, right? But, better later than never... Anyway, I'm happy to say the "test" was successful - my package arrived within five days which is pretty rad for a free delivery (in case you didn't know - it works for anything you buy, no minimum spend required).

One of the ASOS goodies is this cream-colored t-shirt. It's pretty simple and minimalistic, but I'm all about such loose, neutral-colored and slightly sheer tops right now, so it immediately became one of the key pieces in my summer style.

The second ASOS item is this camera pendant necklace fitted with a clock. I have wanted a camera-necklace for a while now, but I didn't expect to find one which can also tell time apart from simply looking cool!

Finally the third new goody is this color-blocking pair of sandals. They are from a Greek brandFULLAH SUGAH. They have a really great collection of summer footwear, I'm especially in love with their wedges! But I also needed a pair of new summer flats, since my ALDO gladiator sandals acquired a rather worn look after two years. Initially I was after Fullah Sugah's jelly sandals which I spied on their website, but upon a closer inspection they turned out way too shiny and sparkly from all the sequins glued to them - that's really not my style. And then I spotted this pair below - now they are much more me! I've also tried them in red, but in the end went with the blue.

Oh, and as for the DIY short I've mentioned - I've made them out of my old H&M skinny jeans, that got too stretched for wear. They are nothing spectacular, yet it's the first time that I had the patience to carefully carve the shorts out to perfection - rather than just butcher some poor old jeans and as a result get something horrid and unwearable which happened a few times before...


  1. this whole outfit is soo great for summer!!love the sandals the nail colours the shorts and of course this cuute necklace!!

    kisses <3


    ** thank you so much for your comments :DDD

  2. LOVE it! You are ready to go. I'd say this is a successful first visit to Asos! Great job, love all your purchases and know you have a blast wearing them in Cyprus!

  3. Your outfit is just perfect for summer!I love the necklace!

  4. I too do this with old jeans.. Just turn them into shorts.. I like the buys! Especially the necklace..Does it really tell the time??

    All the best, Angel

  5. Yep, Angel, it's a working wind up clock! I haven't had any watches or clocks for years - using my phone for this purpose. So it feels so retro to have a clock hanging from my neck :)


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