Tuesday, June 14, 2011

STYLE OBSESSION: 50's swimwear

While I'm not much of a vintage girl in my everyday clothing, I'm totally in love with vintage, 50's style-influenced swimsuits and bikinis. In fact last summer I got myself a very 50's piece from NEXT - red with white polka dots and padded bra. That was a bit of an impulse purchase but I'm more than happy to see that the vintage swimwear fashion has grown even stronger this summer! What's best about those 50's style pieces is they can do wonders to your figure if chosen right! For instance, padded and layered tops can add volume to the upper part of your body (if desired), while high wasted bottoms and swimsuits can hide those extra centimetres on your sides and belly turning you into a gorgeous pin-up girl!


  1. i love 50's!!!
    i too dont choose this style for everyday but it is very elegant and impressive!!

    kisses <3

  2. ti gliko to post!!!latreuo ta pin up girls k mou ta 8imizoun ta magio poli!!!

    pes m an thes tin gnomi sou!!!filakia!!!:D <3


  3. WOW...absolutely stunning each one of them. My ultimate favorite is the cherry one...gorgeous.

    <3 Marina

  4. i love those bikinis!!!

    asos has a great swimwear-selection

    watch my blog


  5. I love retro swim wear... it always makes me think of old hollywood and the movi the notebook


  6. I do love 50's style swimweat, it's so sexy and if you're born with curves, lucky you!

    Thanks for stopping by thanks for your comment lovely.

    I've been in Greece for close to 3 years - holy moly! So I should know how to speak Greek!
    Er, I bought books (on grammar, very difficult - why????) and basically speak fluent Tarzan Greek, with terrible grammar and have taught myself to read Greek now (one syllable at a time - that's the secret).
    Best thing to do is just dive deep and practise as much as you can - don't worry about mistakes, i once asked for a salad of boys (not cucumbers!). Boyfriend - horrified!

    Also, watching cartoons is usually good or any sitcom in Greek. Or if you've learn the Greek alphabet try reading the subtitles in movies/English speaking programme.

    See ya soon.

  7. Oh, i love these! My favorites are the first and thirth one :D I think I will look for some on my next shoppingtrip :D I follow you now, maybe you wanna follow back :)


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