Sunday, June 5, 2011

My summer wishlist: the TOP 5

Don't know about you, but for me, summer is always the time of freedom, energy, fun and making lots of plans, even if half of them fall through. Perhaps it has a little something to do with being able to wear my favorite mini shorts and tees, letting my skin breath and thus feeling light and pretty at all times. Either way, I've realized that lately I've been gorging over a number of things, which may or may not materialize this summer - but it would be really nice if they do.


To be honest when I first came to Athens two years ago and had to get on the motorbike with my husband to go downtown - I was petrified! I've never been on one before, moreover, I've never been on one in such crazy traffic, and every time we passed through a particularly narrow spot between two cars, I'd just close my eyes in fear. But as time went by I started feeling completely relaxed on a bike, moreover, I've realized that due to the very narrow roads in Athens, always packed with cars, and since there are no paths for bicycles, BIKES and SCOOTERS are the best way to get around. For a while now I've been gorging over a Vespa, just like the one below - classic red. The problem is that buying a Vespa won't be enough. I also need a special scooter lisence. Also, such a shiny and pretty vehicle would easily attract thieves, who would at the very least break off rear view windows and other small parts - yeah, people do that here. And yet, I want it sooo bad!


Recently I've fallen fully and completely in love with JEFFREY CAMPBELL shoes. They are simply too gorgeous. The white cutout wedges (bottom right) are my biggest shoe crush at the moment! The problem is they are kinda out of my price range, or, rather, I can't really spend 150-200 Euros on something like a pair of shoes without a very well paid job to back it up and the latter is missing at the moment. But things change and sometimes very quickly. The time will come when Jeffrey Campbells and my feet will finally meet!


I've never been to one and I'd really looove to go. And why woudn't I want to? The atmosphere is fantastic and more than half of the line-up is made up of my favorite bands almost in every case. READING & LEEDS festivals on 26-28 of August would be a really good idea. My Chemical Romance, Muse and The Strokes as well as The Vaccines, Jane's Addiction, The Kills, The Horros and many others will be there! It would be awesome...

And I mean the authentic ones - no the Chinese fakes that you can buy anywhere. Truth is I've never really spend much on sunglasses. By the time I could actually afford it, I'd already had a record of breaking or losing sunglasses. Or if I'd had the pair from the previous year by next summer, I'd usually be bored with it and wanting something new. Hence, spending much money on sunglasses was a waste. But I decided to take a chance on Ray Bans at last. First of all I believe I'm grown up and responsible enough to handle a pair of prime sunglasses without losing them or stepping on them. Secondly, my romance with WAYFARER glasses shape has been going on for two years now, and I still find them looking totally awesome on me. And thirdly, even though I'm not one of those brand-obsessed fashionistas, I still believe it wouldn't hurt to have a couple of authentic brand accessories in my wardrobe. Especially if it's something as timeless and iconic as Ray Ban Wayfarers.


I'm not one of these people who buy a new iPhone every time it comes out (whether they can afford it or not) - I have much more economical and practical approach to gadgets, and paying extra 300 Euros just for Show (as in case of iPhone) is not my style. But I've had my elegantly designed clam-shell Nokia for 4 years now and it feels aged. The battery is very weak plus it has other issues and I also just need a gadget that will allow me browse the internet, check my email and use social networks among other things. After all, these functions are becoming pretty standard in phones, so why not take advantage? For the time being it's a close call between NOKIA E5 and HTC WILDFIRE. The HTC is a very decent Android-based touch phone, but Nokia's Blackberry-style keyboard is a very nice feature. As a writer I'm used to typing, and I'd prefer real buttons to touch screen.

To sum it up, I believe that at least one of the wishes will definitely come true - the phone, because I really need one. Ray Bans are also a possibility. As for the rest - I cross my fingers...


  1. αχ και γω θελω ενα i phone 4 white!!

  2. Hmm I have always wanted a Vespa! Don't they use them a lot in Greece? Summer festivals are always fun but they are so expensive! Last one I went to tickets were like US $500.00. Rip off! Ha good luck on choosing a phone! I don't think in this age I can live without a smartphone.

    All the best, Angel


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