Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My top summer trend: Californication

Today I've finally given up my search for a perfect American flag-printed tee. Sure, there are plenty of them out there, but the ones I really like are unfortunately out of stock. However I've also realized that it's not so much American-flag print that I'm after as the trend as a whole. All-American, or even rather CALIFORNIAN style is having a grand comeback this season and I feel a strong connection to it somehow - I guess it's because it's so free-spirited, uniform, basic and almost androgynous - in short, totally BADASS! A pair of simple cut-off and ripped denim shorts, a casual tee, perhaps printed with the name of your favorite rock band, a bandana, cool booties or sneakers and some edgy accessories - all of this is so me! I totally feel like rocking this trend all summer, even though lacy tops and floral dresses will neither be ignored by me - after all, I'm a lady even though my inner tomboy is still so alive.
Now all I need to do is go get that "biker" tee (below) from ZARA, which I tried on today but didn't buy (fighting the impulse purchase syndrome), and a pair of ripped shorts, and my WILD THING look will be complete!
Wild Thing
Wild Thing by AlexMatoshko featuring black round sunglasses

For more California style inspiration I've discovered those two amazing photo-shoots: first one by FASHION GONE ROGUE and second from THEONESTOWATCH.

Kelley Ash by Graham Dunn in "Kalifornia" editorial for Fashion Gone Rogue

Alexandra Papadopoulos, Breanna Box and Sydney Roper for the "Hill St. Dogs" editorial for TheOnes2Watch

And finally a most fitting soundtrack to set the mood:


  1. love the touch of bob dylan at the end of this post!

    your making me want to hunt for a great american style tee, what inspirational photos!



  2. I so love these looks.. Sounds like you need a trip to California!

    All the best, Angel

  3. vasika mou aresei to pick of the day!!newbornfashionistas.blogspot.com

  4. Thank you, guys, and you're right, Angel - I so need a trip to California ))

  5. Boo. Made me homesick.....


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