Monday, October 10, 2011

Pajama party


Today is one of these autumn days that make you finally realize and feel in your bones – summer is over. It takes much longer to depart from Greece than some other places but it still inevitably succumbs to the conquering march of autumn. Just the other day you could still prance about in a t-shirt and a pair of shorts, and today I was freezing while hanging the laundry out to dry on the balcony, wearing leggings, a denim shirt and socks. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy it in many ways – I love watching the turbulent skies, thick clouds floating across it and the dark red sunset. But I enjoy it even more when I don’t really need to go anywhere on such a day – like today. In that case the best thing to do is get cosy on the bed or on the sofa, wearing a soft and warm pajamas, heating my hands on a hot cup of coffee or tea, and thinking of cooking some hearty warm-up meal like a tomato cream soup or a stew of ochre and meat. So that’s pretty much what I did – minus the cooking, since it would have required a trip to a supermarket (lazy, lazy me).


Speaking of pajamas, I have lived without one all year in Greece – yes I will certainly miss its warm climate – but now that I’m moving, I will most certainly need one. And it so happens that just today I spied the October lookbook of nightwear by OYSHO – I’ve always admired this brand’s boxer-shorts for girls and other pieces for causal home wear. But never went further than buying some underwear and a top from them. So I guess now the time has come to pick out one of Oysho’s pajamas.




And to complete the perfectly cosy outfit – I might go with this pair of boot-slippers by H&M.



  1. Haha those boots are awesome! I love the cold.. I cant stand hot weather!

    Love! ~Angel

  2. i loobed this post!i had a hot chocolate for breakfast too with caramel cookies :DDD
    very cute photos!!

    have a great weekend dear!!

    kisses <3


  3. to latrepsa auto to post!toso "xouxouliariko"!

  4. Great amazing finds girl...anything that makes me feel warm and comfy is a go for me.

    <3 Marina

  5. Νομιζω οτι οι καλτσούλες στην πρωτη φωτογραφια ειναι οτι πρεπει για σπιτοκατασταση!

  6. Τι τελειο ποστ!Και τι καλυτερο για Σ/Κ!!! ♥♥

    I follow u now:-)

  7. Οι μποτούλες είναι τέλειες!!!!Σε κάνουν να μη θέλεις να βγεις από το σπίτι!!!

  8. cute post! i've lived in my slippers this winter! xx


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