Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Freaks and Troopers

Recently re-watching "Freaks and Geeks" (and yes I do believe it to be one of the best TV-shows ever and one to be most unjustly cancelled so early on), I realized that the main character Lindsay Weir`s look became significantly cooler than it was when I watched the show for the first time few years back. Why, she`s a clean-cut modern day fashionista! Her father`s old military jacket that hangs loose around her skinny shape and makes her look all freaky is one of the hottest must-haves of the season and apparently the next one too.

Who knew that the military trend that got hot several years ago wouldn't die as suddenly as it returned, but instead would grow far and wide until it blew out  of proportion. Khaki and camouflage-colored thick shirts and jackets dominate then stores, along with tops, pants, dresses and bags - all paying tribute to the military fashion. All that put together makes a gal look like a new recruit in an ill-fitted army suit, or, in worst case - a hobo.

As much as I`m a fan of tomboy style, I don`t believe that a hobo look is ever a good choice or has anything to do with good taste. And believe me, I tried. Seeing Lindsay Weir in the show inspired me to give the overhyped hobo jacket another chance. I went to my favorite stores and tried some of them on and result was the same - I just don't see it. But relax, I`m not really trying to kill the buzz for you - if you do enjoy the grunge army look, totally go for it. Just please, pair it with skinny jeans and converse, not baggy army pants and chunky boots with spikes - unless you`re indeed going to fight a war or joining a neighborhood gang. 

Though, I must confess, my rant about aggressive fashion trend with all those military outfits, spikes and leather has become too mainstream, and the true freaks (to which I do refer myself in some sense) can no longer wear any of that with pride. So I can`t help waiting for the day when the fashion world switches its focus to something else, and give all those cool attributes back to the wild kids.

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